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When it comes to Special Events, it is critical to be able to find quality products/vendors that fit within your budget. One of the biggest mistakes we make when doing price comparison is trying to find out just the price, we do not want to hear all the salesperson or potential vendor have to offer in fear that they will be annoyingly insistent, which in some cases might turnout to be true and it becomes uncomfortable when they just won't let go. Nobody likes to feel pressured by some pushy salesperson, but it is very important that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. In order to avoid regretful decisions, and make sure you get the best option for your investment be prepared to ask questions about what they are offering, what is included, what is extra. When you "just want to know the cost" you are not able to do an accurate comparison. Before inquiring about pricing, jot down your needs and expectations. In some cases, just getting the cheapest is acceptable, but in others it can be deceiving. 

Take your time so you can make an informed decision that will help you see the value over the price. Make sure 'promises' are in writing to avoid conflict, read your contracts thoroughly and clarify any misunderstandings. Higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality, there are many factors to consider when it comes to value, so do not be shy and clear out any confusions, take notes on the conversation, beware of hidden charges and avoid impulse shopping. Politely decline requests to book or purchase on the spot, unless you are certain they are the best option available, and if you do make sure to ask about refund/cancellation policies. 

It is possible to find the best value for your money, It might be worth the extra expense if the service is contributing to making your celebration a memorable one but is not always necessary. Happy Event Planning!

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